Monday, May 21, 2007

InfoPath 2007 RichTextBox Control

We are using InfoPath Form services in MOSS 2007. We tried to use the Multiline text box control but it doesn't work properly in IE6(it works fine in IE7) .Upon googling, we found out that replacing the multiline textbox with RichTextBox would solve the problem.
But now the rich text editor doesn't show up upon clicking in the RichTextBox control. Instead, a javascript error is thrown(error related to Core.js, object required).
As a work around, we used a single line textbox instead of multiline.This works fine on the dev box and production during testing, but randomly fails to an outside user. So, how do we fix the problem ??? We are not able to reproduce the error either using IE6 or IE7 but for sure it fails for someone outside the network. The only option is contacting microsoft. But would I ? naahhhh.....not again...
We called microsoft last week and were given a 48hr window :( , but upon not hearing from them I called back again today to be in the queue for 5.5 hrs. Looks like this problem is here to stay for sometime......will post soon once I find the solution.


Shraddha Shah said...

found Solution???
I am facing same issue

krishan said...

we are facing the problem of using the rich txt box when press tab key it goes to Address bar of browser not to next control is there any solution plz help.

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