Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wallop invitations....

I have a few Wallop invitations with me. Thanks to Dennis, for giving me one.

So, What is wallop?

Wallop is a new social networking where friends can share pictures, music, notes and lot of other cool stuff. A person does not need to no any programming knowledge to do this. Wallop also offers blogging and "mods", which can be developed, sold, bought on Wallop. Mods are expressions which can be used to express your thoughts, feelings. I tried it out and you should also. Let me know, if you need an invitation.


Tse said...

Can you invite me???
my e-mail address: abc889900@hotmail.com

palakollu said...


Check your e-mail for the invitation. Hope u have fun with it.


Joyce K Babu said...

Hey Prasanth,

Can you please send me a wallop invitation?

joycekbabu (AT) yahoo.co.in


Anonymous said...

Can you please send me a wallop invitation?


Thanks in advance!

Sumedh said...

Can you send me a wallop invite ?

Email Id :- sumedh88@gmail.com

Thanks in advance !

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