Monday, June 11, 2007

Safari on Windows

Apple today at WWDC conference released safari for Windows and it is supposed to be twice as fast IE on windows. Hope this is true !!! Also, Mark your calendars for June 29th - 6 PM, the date and time when IPhone gets released.
Update: Just installed Safari on Windows XP(on my personal laptop). As promised, it is much more faster than IE. I use igoogle and each tab has lot of gadgets on it. I use a lot of rss readers and on IE, it takes sometime to actual download everything. But with Safari, it looks that all the gadgets got updated really quickly.
Also, I use google recommendations as a tab and it never opened in IE. It used to throw a javascript error, but with safari it was damn quick to open with no errors. Great one indeed!!!
This is the error thrown up with IE, google recommendations on igoogle tab:

P.S: As you can see, the gadgets were still say as loading...

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