Friday, June 15, 2007

Sharepoint 2007 Backup

Recently I have been looking for different backup options for Sharepoint 2007. You have two options for it:
  • Traditional Backup (using Central Admin, Stsadm tool, IIS Metabase backup, File System backup of Custom Assemblies, binaries and code, IIS logs, event logs, home directories, HIVE and many more)
  • Using Third Party tools like ''
Central Admin : You can backup the databases from here, but cannot schedule a backup
STSadmin tool: Much more control than the previous one but not much of a granularity
Third Party tools: Provide much granularity upto an item level. But need to shell out lotta of green paper...
This post is not intended to give a detailed explanation of the backup procedure. Its is just a place to find some of the links to the resources.
Joel Oleson as always has a great post here. Things to expect here : What to Backup and what tools to backup?
Technet has an article on the backup plan.
More articles:
Relationship between IIS Metabase and Configuration Database:
Backup Sharepoint Search:
I guess that's it for this I go.

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