Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I bought an IPhone on July 4th and it is awesome( This is the reason, I was not blogging for the past 1 week). The User Interface is mindblowing and its pinch feature is beautiful. This is what, I liked in my Iphone:
  • User Interface
  • Pinch feature : Ability to zoom in and zoom out using your fingers
  • Unlocking the phone using a single slide button
  • Managing the contacts easily ( I guess its never done like this before)
  • Adding multiple email accounts
  • If you get a phone call while listening to a song, the song automatically fades out and after you answer the call, the song starts playing back again.
  • Integrated microphone in your headphone
  • Ability to move to the next song and answer the phone call using a single button on the headphone
  • The camera has a nice flash like feature(it whooshes in and out...)
  • Ability to connect to the available wi fi networks automatically
  • Connect to Edge network only if, wifi in not available
  • It automatically adjusts the video quality if you are using an Edge network or WiFi network
  • Virtual Keyboard (once u get used to it, its excellent)
  • Google Maps and YouTube in my phone
  • Magnifying glass during editing content
Now here is what I did not like in my Iphone
  • The IPhone headjack cannot be used with any other custom headphones. I hate it, as I have to buy a new auxillary cable for my car or a custom adapter(belkin one costs somewhere around 10 bucks)
  • It is bulky to handle the phone for answering calls. It is better to use the headphones or have the speaker on
  • When you open a browser, you cannot close it. In order to close it, you have to open a new one and close the old one
  • Cut, Copy and Paste feature is not available
  • Edge network is damn slow. Try to view a youtube video using your WiFi network and later using Edge network, you will notice the difference
  • You will not be able to recieve calls, while browsing using Edge network
  • No Javascript and Flash support
  • Only Youtube videos can be viewed
The main disadvantage is AT&T. Their service sucks and wouldn't have gone to them if not for IPhone. They wouldn't transfer my existing phone no as they do not have service in my previous place.
Overall its an awesome gadget and should be definitely tried out unless you want to wait for the IPhone Nano (I heard its going to be released in the last quarter of 2007). But I guess it would not be a full fledged IPhone .

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