Saturday, January 12, 2008

Phili code camp 2008.1

I just got back from Code camp and it was great. I started to blog using my IPhone and somewhere in middle, I lost interest to blog and therefore after the third session, you will not find anything except the session titles. I will update them later sometime. Also, please bear with me for the formatting of the text as it was done from an IPhone and right now I am really tired to make any changes....

Session 1:
Test driven development for T-SQL code
Write your test first and then the code.
Write the function that returns data.
Check that the function returns expected data.
How to deal with constraints?
Instead of directly dealing with the table with constraints, create a view that deals with a dummy table without any constraints. Create a procedure to change the table name. But obviously the production view cannot point to a dummy view.This is one of the disadvantages of using a dummy table. Also this would work only for unit testing and not integration testing.ETL would not work in this case either.Always execute your tests after code changes.
Naming: ut_testcasename
use suite of tests

Session 2:
Visual studio 2005 tools and add ins
vs express does not support add ins
command monitor
csproj files are really msbuild files
msbuild sidekick, a third party tool helps with msbuild
Enterprise library helps with basic application blocks
VSTO - visual ribbon and other add INS from vstudio
Resharper - grays out things not being used, helps with error detection and intellisense.It needs to be licensed.
T4 tool helps with color coding the template, use the *tt *t4 extensions.
Zenocode postbuild: .net obfuscator
Reflector: decompiler
Project line counter: specific projects,exlude designer autogenerated code.
Smart paster: paste as string or paste as comments or paste as region
Visual local history: slick tool for version historyFilecompare: Beyond compare
Enlarging tool tips: Tools --> Options --> Font & Colors -->Editor tool tip

Session 3:Sharepoint backup and restore
Session 4:
Exception handling
Session 5:
AJAX and Silverlight

Session 6:
AJAX and Sharepoint

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