Saturday, February 23, 2008

MOSS 2007 on Windows 2008

Recently I tried to install MOSS 2007 on Windows Server 2008. This blog post describes the sequence of events experienced by me.

Initially, I tried to upgrade the Windows 2003 server (enterprise) to Windows 2008 server(standard) but this is not possible. Migration seems to possible from standard 2003 -> standard 2008, standard 2003 -> enterprise 2008, enterprise 2003 -> enterprise 2008. You will not be able to upgrade from enterprise 2003 -> standard 2008.
After this, I did a fresh install of Windows 2008 server (both web and database, though database upgrade was not needed) and configured the required Roles(Web Server) for the web front end server. I was not able to directly install .NET 3.0 framework on 2008 as in Windows 2003. .NET 3.0 framework needs to be installed using the 'features' feature in Windows 2008. Also, I enabled other features like Load Balancing and WindowsActivation. Activating these features is quite easy in Windows 2008 compared to Windows 2003.
Having done the basic steps, I inserted the MOSS 2007 installation DVD and ran the exe. I did not record the exact error, but it was something simillar to this one: 'product id was not found'.
MOSS installation was blocked on Windows 2008 and it required MOSS SP1 to continue. But the problem is you have seperated files/exe's for MOSS 2007 and MOSS 2007 SP1. On Windows 2003 you need to install MOSS 2007 first and then later do an upgrade. I found a few blogposts on MOSS - Windows 2008 installation and they all pointed out to slipstream installation of MOSS 2007. Slipstream installation refers to the integration of updates, patches with the installation files of a product. I copied all the installation files from the MOSS 2007 DVD onto the c:\MOSS 2007 and then dowloaded the sp1 files from here:

WSS 3.0 sp1:

MOSS 2007 sp1:

Using winzip, I extracted the installation files to the directories like c:\MOSS-sp1 and c:\WSS-sp1. Then copy the files from these directories into the upgrades folder in c:\MOSS 2007 . I clicked on 'yes' for replace files prompts. Running the setup.exe after copying the sp1 files should directly take you to the MOSS setup console. From here onwards, it should be the same one as on Windows 2003.

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