Saturday, December 5, 2009

SharePoint 2010 Beta Features

I have been waiting for so long to write this post and here I am…..So let’s get started and see what new features are available in SharePoint 2010 Beta.
Overall the basic idea of SharePoint(in general) is Content Management, Portal and Search integrated on a single platform. Few of the benefits of SharePoint are: Tight Office + SharePoint integration, Rich applications, Consistent User Experience, Navigation and architecture.
The main features of SharePoint 2010 are (this should be familiar to MOSS 2007 developers – like 6 pillars of MOSS 2007 ) :
  • Sandboxed Solutions
  • InfoPath Form Services
  • Enhanced Workflows
  • Single Infrastructure for Intranets, Extranets and Internet Sites.
  • Enhanced UI with Ribbon, Dialogs, Edit in Place and Ajax (Less page refreshes).
  • Office Client and Web App support (basic editing, high fidelity rendering)
  • SharePoint Workspace and Mobile (groove enhancements)
  • Support for XHTML, Multilingual
  • Collaborate using Wikis, Blogs and Co-Authoring
  • Organize using Tags, Ratings and Bookmarks
  • MySites Smart Profiles and Feeds
  • Browse Colleagues, Experts and Org
Content Management
  • Taxonomy, Workflow, Document Sets
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Handle Larger lists, Document Libraries
  • Content Types and Taxonomy across all the farms
  • Policy and Records Management
SharePoint Search
  • Standard and FAST Search
  • Experience, Relevance and Navigation
  • People Search
  • Scale and Flexible Platform
  • Search Results preview
  • Excel Services, SQL Server Support
  • PerformancePoint Services
  • Visio Services and Chart Web Part
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • PowerPivot (previously called Gemini)…100 M rows in excel and publish it to SharePoint – Two forms (SQL Server Power Pivot for Excel and SQL Server Power Pivot for SharePoint)
Coming to the End User, Social Networking and BI Enhancements, we have
  • Ribbon changes depending on context (different for a page and a library)
  • Edit in Place (with live preview)
  • Add Pictures directly without loading them into a library
  • Less page refreshes and more fluid
  • Checkout multiple documents
  • Document Sets – > Handles multiple documents as a single entity (flexible in handling sets)
  • Social Computing – > Activity Feed, Tag Cloud, Recent Blog feeds, Ratings,
  • All desktop applications open in Web now…
  • Find the right expertise people in your organization using People search and other social networking features
  • Subscribe to excel updates (rest based feeds) and directly link to live data.
Infrastructure Changes
  • On-Premises and/or Cloud
  • Web user interface revamp
  • Power Shell scripts (500+ cmdlets)
  • Resource Governors, Health Monitoring using Rules, Analytics, Logging
  • Upgrade is easier
  • Manage Farm remotely using Windows 7
  • Power shell – What if command is powerful
  • Central Admin – Web Apps, Service apps, Content DB, Health Monitor
  • OOB lot of rules for health monitoring (security, performance, configuration)
  • WSS 4.0 – > Microsoft SharePoint Foundation
  • Again Ribbon changes depending on the context here
  • 64 Bit only
  • Run upgrade checker from SP2 before doing the upgrade
I will be posting more about MOSS 2010, as I keep finding out more interesting features about it…..

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