Friday, June 8, 2007

One more Friday...

Ahhaaa...there comes one more friday and as usual this week flew by quickly in a flash. I rented out three movies to watch this weekend and should be a busy one.

Okay, as most of you reading know about Microsoft Surface and if you want to quickly get on an hands on feeling about it , check out the cool app at (you should install silverlight)

It shows the capabilites of Siverlight and miniature view of Surface functionalities. You can check out more details about it at delay's blog. You can find more silverlight examples at : and Silverlight Examples & Samples.

Today is the last day of TechEd and Iam waiting to get my hands on the dvd. Also, 3 million IPhones are expected to be available on June 29 according to some resources. I guess that's all from me for today.Sayonara...

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