Thursday, June 7, 2007

Teched 2007 annoucements and other

Even though Iam not at TechEd, Iam trying to keep an eye on the things happening there. Here are a few announcements:
  • Orcas, the next version of Visual Studio is officially Visual Studio 2008 (Visual Studio Shell will be release along with it)

  • Katmai, the next version of SQl server is officially SQL Server 2008

  • Acropolis, a UI framework for WPF
Earlier this month, Google announced Google Gears which allows a disconnected Web Applications. It is an open source browser extension, that allows Web Applications to provide offline functionality. It installs a local relational database to store the data locally and uses javascript api's to synchronize itself, when connected to the internet.
Siverlight + Google Gears ???? Check it out here.
IPhone is officially going to get release on June 29th and its believed they will be vanished as soon as they arrived. Long queues are expected at Cingular Stores on 29th as they cannot be preordered.
Also HTC has released a touch phone in competition with IPhone. Here is a pic of it from

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