Thursday, January 24, 2008

After 6 months with my IPhone

How does one feel after spending 6 months with his IPhone ? Does he feel really excited to own such an exquisite gadget or does he feel bad for spending approx 500 bucks for a phone which got reduced to 300 after a couple of weeks ? To find out more read on....
- points
  • Bad Speakers ...sometimes it really gets on my nerve. When talking on the fone while driving or listening to music you need really good speakers and this is something IPhone doesn't have.
  • Battery life...I need to charge it every night or my fone is dead the next morning.
  • Browser crash...Quite often the browser crashes or responds too slowly.
  • No video camera.
  • Cannot create custom apps without hacking it.....Creating our own apps would have been a great feature if available.
+ points
  • Now having mentioned the - points, the + points would be a long one starting with an excellent design making you will love it instantly. You cannot stop showing it your friends, co-workers and to others...
  • Google Maps.
  • Watching youtube videos without switching on your laptop.
  • Browsing internet and accessing your email from anywhere and anytime .
  • Google has been really good in developing applications customized to iphone and these really help using it.
  • Tracking your voicemail and sms from a particular caller....This is quite different from other phones.
I have not mentioned anything about the ipod features in an IPhone because this in not something I use everyday. I use my iphone as a music player probably a couple of times a week but mostly it ends up being my fone.
It has been very good to me even though I dropped and abused it a couple of times. I cannot imagine waking up one day and not finding my IPhone next to me. It greets me with an alarm every morning, gets me the latest news, shows my calender, gets my email and all this happens without you getting out from your bed. Don't you think this is enough to own an IPhone ?


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